Absolutely No Obligation, Comprehensive Infrastructure/Security Assessment, ON US!

Our free assessment will give you a complete overview of your network and helps you eliminate common problems. We are offering this service free because we want to earn your trust and allow you to try our services without risk. We are confident that you will like you what you see.

What is Included?

Our skilled and certified technicians will complete up to 12 hours of on-site analysis of your infrastructure. The on-site field work will begin with a kick off meeting where we discuss our methodology and gather the information we need to begin our evaluation. We will also discuss your growth objectives and inquire about any specific issues or requirements.

What are the deliverables?

At the conclusion of our field work, we will prepare detailed reports that document our findings. Depending on your requirements, these reports may include:
  • User Device Inventory - detailed inventory of user devices including workstations, tablets and printers. (make, model, OS, memory, storage, etc)
  • Network Device Inventory - detailed inventory of router, switches, firewalls, and access points. (make, model, OS, memory, storage, etc)
  • Server Inventory - detailed inventory of all servers. (make, model, OS, memory, storage, etc)
  • Network Diagram - diagram showing network interconnects for all network devices.
  • Patching Status Report- patching status for all servers and workstations workstations.
  • Security Vulnerability Report- Report identifying security vulnerabilities identified during our field work.
  • Backup Analysis Report - Analysis of current backup strategy.
  • Malware/Antivirus Analysis Report - Status of current Malware A/V solution and vulnerabilities.
  • Remediation Recommendations
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