Server Consolidation

  • Reduce Datacenter Costs- Physical servers can be moved to virtual servers consolidating many servers to one that houses them all.
  • Faster Server Deployment- Ability to deploy a new server in minutes rather than hours.
  • Disaster Recovery/ Backups- Easy to replicate archived server data offsite for backups and in an emergency go live at the other site and continue conducting business.
  • Multiple Operating Systems- Virtualization can run multiple servers with different operating systems on the same machine.

Desktop Virtualization

  • Better Company Data Security- Centralization of company data.
  • Easier Manageability-Quick and easy to spin up a new desktop or reset one that is having issues.
  • Mobility- Delivering data and applications to a wide variety of devices.
  • Data Recovery- Easy to replicate offsite and recover in case of an emergency.

Cloud Computing

  • Ease Of Use- Users able to access software and data 24/7 with almost any device that has an internet connection.
  • Scalability- Scale cloud usage up and down on a as needed basis, only paying for what you are actually using.
  • Increased Storage Capacity and Automation- Software kept up to date automatically and the ability to upgrade storage limits on the fly.